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Leafs for Wellness Foundation's vision is to participate in the growth of vibrant, prosperous, healthy communities. The foundation's mission is to support wellness initiatives. Wellness extends beyond individual people to the interdependences of cultures, the world environment and the wisdom of nature's way.

Each LEAF Initiative is another leaf on nature's tree

Grant Submission Process
The grant submission process involves two steps. The first step is submitting a letter of request, not to exceed three pages in length, which includes a brief description of the purpose of the organization, and a brief outline of the program or project for which funding is sought.

Depending upon the foundation's review, the foundation may request a detailed proposal for final evaluation as to whether or not the foundation can support your proposal.

In order for the foundation to know that its investment in your program promotes wellness; serious consideration needs to be taken regarding how to evaluate the effectiveness of your program.

Collecting evaluation information in reliable and responsible ways is a critical component of the proposal. Robust feedback ensures we all have a better sense of what works and makes the efforts of the Leafs for Wellness Foundation to be more accountable to the ultimate beneficiaries.

Consider that your program contains these elements: inputs, processes, outputs, outcomes and feedback (IPOOF). Feedback on program outputs assist in evaluating processes and their efficiencies while feedback on outcomes provides information about the program's effectiveness.

IPOOF Diagram

The letter and the follow-up proposal should contain the following items:

  • Your contact information
  • Name of your project/program
  • Purpose of the project
  • Brief review of what you plan to do to fulfil the program's purpose; how does it promote wellness
  • Expected outcome for participants
  • Amount of funds requested for the project/program
  • Include proposed start and finish dates

  • Project/Program Proposal
  • Provide details of the program operational procedures
  • Include how you plan to document progress during the program
  • How do you plan to conduct a final evaluation of participant's outcomes
  • Provide a program budget and explain what the foundation's support is proposed to cover
  • Include in the program budget a separate cost for doing evaluation
  • If you have questions regarding evaluation, we can assist you in that area

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